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Book Review – Jennings Grove by Jeff Parish

Nyctophobia. This is when a person has a phobia of darkness. Well, I’d feel bad for anyone living with this phobia while residing in Jennings Grove. I must say, Jeff Parish, author of this book, does a fantastic job of bringing his readers into this dark and mysterious world that he has created. Could you [...]

Book Review – Apocalypse Then by Al Lamanda

Imagine this: You’ve been running for so long that your stomach is cramping and your legs feel like rubber. You want to stop but your fear doesn’t let you. To stop means death. You don’t know why exactly, but the thing following you does. That’s all that matters. It knows that it’s hungry and you [...]

Book Review – Last Stand in a Dead Land by Eric S. Brown

This book begins as you may imagine any zombie book beginning. A young man, Jacob,  is trapped in his office building and offers the readers the details he can give. Co-workers that were once living, breathing people, were now trying to kill him. He barricades himself in the breakroom while describing what he hears or [...]

Movie Review – The Hunger Games

Warning to those who haven’t seen the movie: There are spoilers, either deal with it, or don’t read the following review.