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News – Hemlock Grove Season 2 Update

I know a lot of horror fans didn’t like Netflix’s original series, Hemlock Grove. I happened to like it very much. Read my review at the new review site here or the original post here. There must be a lot of fans out there who did like it as they have released the details for [...]

News – The Being Experience

Is it an alternate reality or a movie? The Being Experience by Jennifer Elster begins with “… IN THE WOODS,” a multi-part film series that is a mystery to everyone, even its subjects. A daring walk into the unknown, the film series delves deep inside each subject and ends up in unchartered terrain. However you [...]

Movie Review – Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove – an original Netflix series, 13 episodes of drama, mystery and darkness. In the shadows of a rusted Pennsylvania steel town, the mangled body of a teenage girl is discovered. As they hunt for a monster among them, rumors mount and many of the eccentric residents become suspects, from the newly arrived gypsy [...]

News – Red Band Trailer for Hemlock Grove

Beautiful, terrifying and graphic are words used to describe Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. Is it hype or are we in for a treat? We have scored the Red Band Trailer and I have to admit, it looks pretty good, but you can’t always tell from a trailer. I am thinking it will be worth a peek. [...]

News – Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters

I love fairy tales, especially twisted ones. Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters takes place 15 years after they threw the wicked witch into the oven and now they are bad ass witch hunters!