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News – Exorcist TV series

Jeremy Slater and Morgan Creek are shopping around a TV series based off of William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist.

News – Exorcist TV series

Nearly forty years after “The Exorcist” first hit theaters, “Martha Marcy May Marlene” director Sean Durkin has revealed that he’s planning to turn the horror film into a ten-episode television series.

News – The Exorcist 40th Anniversary Edition

It is hard to believe that 40 years have passed since William Peter Blatty unleashed his novel The Exorcist onto an unsuspecting world. Demonic Possession was a little known phenomena outside of the Catholic Church and as frightening as the subject was, it was happening to a young girl which only intensified the emotional drama [...]

News – The Exorcist Coming to the Stage

The most frightening movie I have ever seen is The Exorcist. It frightened the bejessus out of me in ’73 and even though I own every version of it on DVD I still can’t watch it if I am alone. I think that says a lot about the psychological fear this movie conveys. According to the NY [...]