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News – Another Christmas Carol by Indie Author Brian Hofacker

One hundred seventy years after Charles Dickens published his acclaimed A Christmas Carol (1843), indie writer Brian Hofacker brings Ebenezer Scrooge back from the dead to save the world in a new holiday-horror ebook Another Christmas Carol. Ghosts, goblins, demons and other ghastly, ghoulish creatures want an apocalypse for Christmas in the new holiday-horror novella [...]

News – Jason Dark Volume 10 Curse Of Kali Now Available

Gothic horror has a new hero! Follow Jason Dark in his exploits as he faces the horrors, the demons, the vampires, the werecreatures, and every other diabolical monster imaginable on behalf of a more civilized world.

News – Vampire Classics by Barbara Hambly Now Available as E-books

Genre-Bending, Award-Winning Titles from Bestselling Author Barbara Hambly are now available as Ebooks!