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News – Dr. Gangrene’s Public Safety Film: Happy Halloween With Dr. Gangrene

It is that time special time of the year – the countdown to Halloween, a favorite time for folks here at the Horror Web, so while you have fun, safety comes first and Dr. Gangrene puts safety first this Halloween season! Check it out past the Break!

News – First Annual Heebie Jeebies Horror Short Film Festival

Horror Short Film Contest Set To Invade Bucket City! Dr. Gangrene and Culture Cringe are going to give you the Heebie Jeebies! Read on for details!

News – Dreadful Hallowgreen To Wow Wonderfest

Horror Host Howl As Halloween Comes Early For Wonderfest.  The Dreadful Hallowgreen Special will be making a special big screen appearance at this years Wonderfest during the Saturday Night Chiller Cinema Live Event hosted by Dr. Gangrene.