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News – 16 Free E-Books from Futures Past Editions

A pioneer publisher of classic and contemporary science fiction, fantasy and horror in ebook and paperback since 1998, Futures Past Editions launches a new and improved website: . To celebrate, Futures Past Editions is making 16 full-length ebooks available in Kindle and ePub format! Check past the break to find out how to get [...]

News – Veteran Games Musician Tim Follin Launches Kickstarter Campaign for a New Game Concept ‘Contradiction’

Veteran games musician Tim Follin has launched a Kickstarter campaign to seek funding for a new game concept called ‘Contradiction.’ The game uses hundreds of short live-action video clips to create a fully interactive crime drama, in which you can move around freely, interrogate characters and trap them into confessions. Tim will also be scoring [...]

Infernal Interview – Robert Kent Author of All Together Now: A Zombie Story

Robert Kent is the author of the young adult novel All Together Now: A Zombie Story . He runs the popular blog for writers, MIDDLE GRADE NINJA, and lives with his family in Indianapolis, Indiana, where he’s hard at work on his next book. Robert was kind enough to take time from his busy schedule [...]

Dark Review – The Untimely Deaths of Daryl Handy by Patrick Rutigliano

Daryl Handy has never been lucky. Cursed with an awkward appearance and unmarketable skills, his life is a constant struggle. However, an assassin bearing a grudge—and Daryl’s face—is about to prove he could have done far worse. Driven by a hatred that spans dimensions, only Daryl’s death will satisfy his double, and not even other [...]

News – Asylum Press and Pretend For Real Studios Team Up To Develop Gritty Horror Franchise Rough House

Asylum Press and Pretend For Real Studios have released a trailer for their upcoming film and several comic book preview pages for their latest horror franchise entitled Rough House. Check ‘em out past the break!

News – Bad Death by Naima Haviland Available Now

Naima Haviland likes dead people. Fictional dead people, that is, and the twisted people who make them dead (or undead). She is the author of Bloodroom and Night at the Demontorium, a vampire novel and dark fantasy anthology. She takes as inspiration the Southeast United States, including her home in the Florida Panhandle, an ocean [...]

News – The Arksville Homicides

What are The Arksville Homicides you ask….think in the vein of American Horror Story meets Supernatural, with a dash of The Conjuring and Insidious all in CGI for your horror pleasure and brought to you by Lewis Roscoe. The series will be presented as scary as hell episodes weekly, you will be able to chat [...]

News – Horror Comic Undead Evil Released on All Digital Platforms July 17th

I love comic book horror, the visuals are just awesome and the stories are just so wicked, now we can get our comic horror fix via digital media thanks to Asylum Press who has announced the release of a new horror comic entitled Undead Evil. A digital first comic book, Undead Evil will be released [...]

News – Horror Novel Trashlight by Ray S. Kent

Oh yeah, summer is starting out with a bang! Twihards Beware! Trashlight has arrived! Redneck just got a whole new meaning! From horror author Ray S. Kent comes Trashlight!  Living in Hickville with a pervert step-dad and a drug addict mom, her life pretty much sucked. Then he came along with his cute fangs, his [...]

News – Hyper Nocturnal: A Horror Sci-Fi Radio Play

Horror and sci-fi are two genres that are connected at the hip, they often bleed into each other with great finesse. Hyper Nocturnal is a prime example of that. Let’s see… a space ship that is demonically possessed! How’s that for bleeding genres?? We have the trailer for Hyper Nocturnal, a Horror Sci-Fi Radio Play, [...]