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TV Review – Dexter episode 8×02 Every Silver Lining

Dexter continues to move forward in the final season. A review of the latest episode can be read HERE

Review – Dexter episode 8×01

Dexter is back. Need I say more? Follow the LINK for more about the premiere (with spoilers)

News – Dexter

I am not going to say that they were listening to me, but anyone who pays attention will notice that I have been saying for the last year or so that Dexter and Walking Dead need to synchronize their schedules so that we aren’t in a feast or famine situation all year. Both shows starting [...]

TV Review – Dexter Season 7 episode 1

Holy cow, how has it been seven seasons already? Season six ended with a massive event. (I don’t feel bad about spoiling it, it happened a year ago, you have been warned.) As you recall, Dexter was caught by Deb plunging a knife into the series villain. And where does it go from there?

Blog – 30 Days of Horror Movies Challenge – JimmyZ Day 22

Day 22 – Your favorite horror themed TV show

Blog – 30 Days of Horror Movies Challenge – JimmyZ Day 15

Day 15 – Your favorite horror film involving serial killers

News – Golden Globes get bloody

Well the big award news within the horror industry comes from the Golden Globes. It’s not often that mainstream awards ceremonies have much to say about anything in the horror industry. But that is slowly changing.