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News – DC the new 52

DC has always stood for Detective Comics. The series that defined the company. Batman was the man who made the hero world seem real. Superman always stood apart from humanity. But today DC seems to stand for Dark Comics. And I, for one, love it.

News – DC Comics Relaunches With 5 New Supernatural/Horror Titles

DC Comics embraces its dark side with 5 new Supernatural/horror titles with its Relaunch. Eventually all of DC Universe’s 52 comic book series will go back to square one, with new, modern storylines, in an attempt to reignite reader interest in the genre.

Comic Review – Brave and the Bold #32

Aquaman and the Demon team up in this tale written by J. Michael Straczynski. Never been a huge fan of Aquaman, but the Demon has long been a character I have enjoyed. Oddly enough, I didn’t buy this comic. I was with my 9 year old son, Drew, and had a half dozen or so [...]

Comic Review – House of Mystery #1-5 Room and Boredom

Cain and Abel. Brothers from, well, as long as the idea of brothers has been around. In the world of DC the two reside in The Dreaming (the realm made famous by Neil Gaiman and Morpheus in the title Sandman.)They each have their own house across the street from each other. Cain’s House of Mystery [...]