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News – Lucidity, A Thrilling New Novel by Ray S. Kent, is Now Available!

Walk if you dare the razor’s edge between sleep and waking, dreams and nightmares… Heaven and Hell. Book One of the Lucidity Series by Ray S. Kent is now available! Click past the break for where to order and more info!

News – Horror Novel Trashlight by Ray S. Kent

Oh yeah, summer is starting out with a bang! Twihards Beware! Trashlight has arrived! Redneck just got a whole new meaning! From horror author Ray S. Kent comes Trashlight!  Living in Hickville with a pervert step-dad and a drug addict mom, her life pretty much sucked. Then he came along with his cute fangs, his [...]

News – Horror Novel Farm House by Steve Soderquist

  From the author of the horror novella, One for the Road, Steve Soderquist, comes the horror novel, Farm House. Set in the rural town of Croswell, Michigan, Farm House is a physiological horror novel that deals with the question…”If no one lived around you for twenty miles and your only purpose was to extract [...]