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Book Review – Kraken by China Mieville

In the Darwin Centre at London’s Natural History Museum, Billy Harrow, a cephalopod specialist, is conducting a tour whose climax is meant to be the Centre’s prize specimen of a rare Architeuthis dux—better known as the Giant Squid. But Billy’s tour takes an unexpected turn when the squid suddenly and impossibly vanishes into thin air.

Book Review – Roadkill by Rob Thurman

It’s time to lock, load, and hit the road… Once, while half-human Cal Leandros and his brother Niko were working on a case, an ancient gypsy queen gave them a good old-fashioned backstabbing. Now, just as their P.I. business hits a slow patch, the old crone shows up with a job. She wants them to [...]

Book Review – Horns by Joe Hill

There are books that you eat like candy, one page after the other in quick succession, practically licking your fingers after you turn each page. There are books that you savor, the ones that make you mourn for each passing chapter. And then there are books like this one — a little complicated, a lot [...]

Special Event Review – Play Dead

More Than Magic, Greater Than Fear You’ve probably seen magic shows before; some of you may even know the particular thrills of dark magic or have seen one of the greats performing their illusions. But most days now, the huge Vegas auditoriums tend to swallow the subtleties whole and the few remaining sideshows are more [...]

Interview – Rob Thurman

Rob Thurman is writing some of the best, and often darkest, series fiction in the Urban Fantasy genre. Equally adept at writing for a male (such as her incredible Cal Leandros series — read my review of the latest entry, Roadkill, here) and female (Trixa Iktomi of the new Trickster series — book 2 coming [...]

Book Review – Blackout by Rob Thurman

I was alone, and I was lost. I didn’t know where I was; I didn’t know who I was. It doesn’t get more lost than that. Knowing what I knew and not knowing anything else at all, why would I want to be in the darkness where monsters hide?

Happy Year of the Scary-Ass Rabbit

Happy Year of the Rabbit! February 3, 2011 kicked off the Year of the Rabbit in the Chinese Zodiac. People born in the year of the rabbit are said to be gracious, kind, sensitive, soft-spoken, and amiable — all round good guys, right? Little Bunny Cthulhu disagrees. We here at Horror-Web have a different opinion [...]