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Movie Review – Pi

“Pi” is a film that follows Max Cohen, a paranoid mathematician who has built a supercomputer in his New York apartment that is capable of finding a pattern to the stock market in order to predict its outcome. When Max runs the program the data not only fries his computer, but it leaves him with [...]

Movie Review – Black Swan

Natalie Portman plays a young woman whose life centers around ballet. Everything comes to a head for her life as she is given the opportunity to have the lead in Swan Lake. Doesn’t sound like a horror movie to you? Trust me on this one. It may not have Freddy haunting your dreams or Jigsaw’s [...]

News – Golden Globes get bloody

Well the big award news within the horror industry comes from the Golden Globes. It’s not often that mainstream awards ceremonies have much to say about anything in the horror industry. But that is slowly changing.