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News – Comic Crossover Aliens/Vampirella

If you are a comic fan like me, this is awesome news! Dynamite Entertainment has announced the full creative team for Aliens / Vampirella, the upcoming horror crossover between their classic comic book heroine an the Xenomorph monsters from Dark Horse Comics’ long-running comic book, based on the renowned film series. Corinna Bechko (Star Wars: [...]

Comic Review – Predators Movie Prequel 1-4

Drake finds himself in freefall into a jungle along with several other random soldiers. Almost instantly they are assaulted by Predators who don’t so much hunt them as they do ambush them. Drake manages to survive with the help of another person who appears dressed in Predator garb. Turns out that is Noland (Laurence Fishburne [...]

Comic Review – Aliens

I wasn’t even aware this was out. Managed to get all 4 issues from a fine comic shop in St. Louis a couple days ago (not my fault if you read this months after I wrote it, at the time I am writing it it was a couple days ago!) My sleep schedule on Fridays [...]