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News – All Hallows’ Eve Trailer

We have the trailer for Damien Leone’s feature film debut, All Hallows’ Eve and if you have a fear of clowns, don’t click past the break! This is a killer trailer, Leone has been quoted as saying “As a huge fan of the genre, it’s very important to me to deliver a film that will [...]

News – Trailer for Upcoming Irish Horror: Stitches

I am not ok with clowns, in fact they seriously creep me out, so I may pass on this one, but we have the trailer and synopsis for Stitches the horror comedy that is full of raunch and gore. If you love this kind of thing and aren’t freaked out by clowns, read past the [...]

TV Review – Supernatural Mini-Reviews 2×01 – 2×11

2×01 – In My Time of Dying Written by Eric Kripke Directed by Kim Manners “Dean, you gotta hold on.” After the crash, Dean’s spirit wanders the hospital corridors as his comatose body hovers at the brink of death… and a Reaper tries to lure him into eternity.