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News – Cool Motion Poster for the Carrie Remake

It is hard for me to get too excited about remakes, especially of movies I consider horror classics. Carrie is one of those movies. Sissy Spacek will always be Carrie to me, but Angela Bettis’ Carrie in the first remake was pretty much on the mark. I am wondering if Hollywood can pull it off [...]

News – Texas Killing Fields Trailer

This movie really hits home for me as I lived less than 20 miles from the Texas killing fields in Texas City. Fortunately I moved away, but the murders still haunt me and the residents of the small coastal town. Read on for a trailer and synopsis for the film which will open in theaters [...]

News – Trailer for Texas Killing Fields

This film hits very close to home for me. The Killing field referred to in the movie was less than 20 miles from where I lived on the Texas gulf coast. Fortunately, I moved away two years ago and I was surprised to find there is a movie being made about the murders called Texas [...]