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News – Experience The Watching Dead August 23rd in Henderson, Nevada

And the Zombies begat more zombies! Sunday August 23rd marks the series premiere of FEAR THE WALKING DEAD – and the Las Vegas Viewing Party will be hosted by EVIL DEAD and the Celebration/mini-convention kicks off in Las Vegas! THE WALKING DEAD is the biggest show on cable television, with a rabid fanbase that grows [...]

News – Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival Announces Line up for Second Chicago Run

Temperatures are rising, and if you are looking for a really cool place to hang out, check this out: Promising features and short films in every horror sub-genre, from psychologic thriller to ghoulish actioner, the Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival has announced its full lineup for its second run in Chicago.

News – Evil Dead Times Two

Prepare yourselves for a double barrel blast from the grooviest boomstick ever sold at S-Mart. Sure, not much of a tease there. You all know I am talking about Ash AKA Bruce Campbell AKA the star of the Evil Dead/Army of Darkness. But what is this double dose deal? Take the jump with me for [...]

News – Dead Before Dawn 3D and The Evil Dead to Screen at Cineplex Theaters Across Canada This Halloween

If you are Canadian, you are so lucky this Halloween, DEAD BEFORE DAWN 3D and THE EVIL DEAD will both screen at select Cineplex theatres across Canada. Check out the details past the break!

News – Red Band Trailer for The Evil Dead Remake

I am really excited about The Evil Dead remake, we have been hearing about it for a what seems like forever and finally a trailer has hit the web and it actually looks pretty darn good! So if you want to check it out, and I know you do, click past the break!

News – Evil Dead Remake Update

Ghost House pictures revealed the Evil Dead remake logo today at AFM, I guess that means it really, really is going to happen. I am at odds with this one because I don’t think The Evil Dead should be remade since the original was perfect, but you know how Hollywood rolls. It is our aim [...]

News – New Evil Dead Movie (#4 or a remake?)

Just yesterday I made a comment that the only news about the new Evil Dead movie is that there is news coming. Seems I must put down the Twizzler and instead eat my words as a press release has been put out about just this topic. Of course the usual suspects are involved. Sam Raimi, [...]

News – Evil Dead Remake May be in the Works

Could this possibly be true? According to the man himself, Bruce Campbell, the script is done and it is Awesome! Knowing that Mr. Cambell can be a real kidder at times consider this to be just a maybe til we hear more. If it is true, wow! What great news that would be!