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Book Review – Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road by Brian Keene & Friends

Review by Frank Errington: Caution: This story is not for the masses. Even if you are a fan of one or more of the authors involved, you may want to think twice. Sixty-Five Stirrup Iron Road is a project with proceeds going to help defray the massive medical expenses incurred by Tom Piccirilli’s battle against [...]

News – Trailer for Brian Keene’s Ghoul

From one of our favorite authors, Brian Keene, Ghoul a direct to TV horror film will air April 13th at 9pm on Chiller TV. The synopsis is very cool as is the trailer, read on to check it out!

News – Chiller Network Scares Up Ghoul and Remains

Chiller is a network that airs programming dedicated to “round-the-clock scares.”  Now that is my kind of network and things are getting even scarier! Due to its good ratings, which means folks are watching, the network has decided to get into original programming and Wow! they are going for the real scares. Steve Niles’ Graphic [...]

Written in Blood – Cemetery Dance

With just two weeks to get orders in, these are decisions you must make now. The new titles just announced are: Four Killers by Peter Straub, Joe R. Lansdale, Brian Keene and Ray Garton. An original anthology by these four highly collectible authors. The stories all deal with serial killers and the book will be [...]