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Book Review – Deadlocked by A.R Wise

The great Stanley Kubrick once stated that when it comes to art and originality, everything has already been done and our job is to do it a little bit better. Sadly, few are those who understand this principle, and this usually separates the average writers from the excellent ones.  Take zombie stories for instance:  the [...]

Book Review – Obsession by Ramsey Campbell

Four teenagers encounter a letter which says, “Whatever you need the most I do. The price is something you do not value and which you may regain.” They fill out the forms, requesting what they need, which they inevitably get in unexpected and often gruesome ways. 25 years later, their lives are turned upside down [...]

Book Review – Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia

It isn’t often that a new series sneaks by me, especially one of this caliber. As a fan of monsters I tend to know when something is coming, and more often than not it’s shit. There are hundreds of Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Horror series out there with one dimensional characters, bad dialogue, and ridiculous “monsters” [...]

Book Review – The Axeman Cometh by John Farris

The Axeman murdered Shannon’s family twenty years ago. Now, Shannon is alone and trapped in an elevator. A voice whispers to her that only heightens her panic. Is it the Axeman? But The Axeman is supposedly dead, but was never identified. Whatever she is up against, the danger she faces is very real, and it [...]

Book Review – Jennings Grove by Jeff Parish

Nyctophobia. This is when a person has a phobia of darkness. Well, I’d feel bad for anyone living with this phobia while residing in Jennings Grove. I must say, Jeff Parish, author of this book, does a fantastic job of bringing his readers into this dark and mysterious world that he has created. Could you [...]

Book Review – Dark Dimensions by William F. Nolan

A man tells us what it is like to have a serial killer in his family. A retired horror movie queen hires a detective in a case of blackmail. The Winchester House of San Jose, CA becomes the site of a series of murders. A comic book writer hires a nanny to take care of [...]

Book Review – Draculas by Crouch, Kilborn, Strand, and Wilson

Dracula is easily one of the most well known and respected novels ever written in the horror genre (Frankenstein is right up there, no hate mail please.) So much so that the premier award for written horror fiction is named the Stoker. There is even a descendant of Bram who has written a sequel to [...]

Book Review – Crooked Hills by Cullen Bunn

Charlie and Alex are forced to accompany their mom to a small town for summer vacation. Kids look forward to the end of school and spending three months playing with their friends without interruption. Instead they find themselves carted off to unfamiliar territory and surrounded by unfamiliar people. But instead of an uneventful and boring [...]

Book Review – Ebon Moon by Dennis McDonald

A funny thing has happened recently in the horror genre. Vampires and Werewolves alike have become tame. They aren’t very scary lately. Shows like True Blood and the Twilight series are a big factor in that. Turning these creatures into charismatic and romantic figures does a disservice to the genre in some ways. But this [...]