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News – Hemlock Grove Season 2 Update

I know a lot of horror fans didn’t like Netflix’s original series, Hemlock Grove. I happened to like it very much. Read my review at the new review site here or the original post here. There must be a lot of fans out there who did like it as they have released the details for [...]

Movie Review – Hemlock Grove

Hemlock Grove – an original Netflix series, 13 episodes of drama, mystery and darkness. In the shadows of a rusted Pennsylvania steel town, the mangled body of a teenage girl is discovered. As they hunt for a monster among them, rumors mount and many of the eccentric residents become suspects, from the newly arrived gypsy [...]

News – Red Band Trailer for Hemlock Grove

Beautiful, terrifying and graphic are words used to describe Netflix’s Hemlock Grove. Is it hype or are we in for a treat? We have scored the Red Band Trailer and I have to admit, it looks pretty good, but you can’t always tell from a trailer. I am thinking it will be worth a peek. [...]

News – Netflix to Air Hemlock Grove in 2013

Netflix is widening its horizons with original films shown only on Netflix streaming. We reported earlier that the latest is a horror film series Hemlock Grove based on the novel of the same name by Brian McGreevy. The updated news is that it will be directed by Eli Roth and star Famke Jannsen