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News – Are You Ready for Megafoot?

Do you love the stories about Bigfoot? Do you believe they exist? As you think about these questions, we want to let you know about a movie about a cyborg Bigfoot on a blood-soaked rampage! If that sounds exactly what you would like to see, read past the break. You can help to bring Megafoot [...]

News – Bigfoot Bounty

According to TV Guide, ex Lois and Clark star Dean Cain has signed on to host Spike TV’s 10 million dollar Bigfoot Bounty, a competitive search involving 9 teams of seasoned bigfoot hunters. The teams will search ‘hot spots’ and try to find that big hairy guy once and for all! The big bucks are [...]

News – Trailer for The Lost Coast Tapes

Do you believe in Bigfoot? After watching this trailer, I think you should because it doesn’t like being called a hoax! Read on for the synopsis and trailer for The Lost Coast Tapes!

News – Bigfoot Exists

Yes, in the movies Bigfoot Exists!  Blair Witch  co-director Eduardo Sanchez is heading back to the woods with Exists , a horror film about Bigfoot. The movie will follow a group of young folks terrorized by the mythical beast in the forest.