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News – Horror Classic Deranged Uncut on Blu-ray August 19th

Restored and fully uncut for the first time ever, anywhere in the world, horror fans will finally be able to bear witness to Deranged’s infamous ‘brain-scooping scene’ in all its glory! Originally released on DVD in 2002, as part of MGM’s “Midnite Movies” collection, this release marks the first time DERANGED will be available on [...]

News – Spider Baby Available on Blu-Ray Now

Oh yeah, Baby. Arrow Video has released world-wide its Blu-ray edition of Spider Baby, the cult classic known as the maddest story every told. Their DVD edition is available in the UK. Read past the break for a trailer and Blu-ray specs!

News – Black Sabbath Deluxe Edition DVD/Blu-ray

Looking for a horror film to add to your collection? Arrow Video has provided us with a sneak peek video of their upcoming release of Mario Brava’s Black Sabbath, you don’t want to miss this gem! Check out the trailer of the deluxe edition past the break and all the specs!