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News – Horror Thriller Atrocious in Theaters August 17th as Part of Night Terrors Series

I have to say, I love the name of this movie. I always considered it a ‘southern’ word. My mom used to use it to describe the outfit I was wearing on any given day. I don’t think this movie is about clothes however. The horror-thriller Atrocious will hit theatres on August 17th for a [...]

News – Trailer for YellowBrickRoad

This road has no fairy tale ending! Andy Milton and Jesse Holland’s YellowBrickRoad is  a new film from recently launched Bloody-Disgusting Selects and will be released June 1st in select AMC theaters.

News – Unrated Hatchet 2 Pulled From Theaters

Adam Green’s Hatchet 2 was not rated even though it opened in over 60 theaters over the weekend by the AMC theater chain. The release of the film became a cause for celebration among horror film fans. The fans view the release as a possible way to break the seemingly arbitrary Motion Picture Association of [...]