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Book Review – The Way of All Flesh by Tim Waggoner

Review by Frank Errington: From his fitting dedication to “John Russo, Father of the Living Dead,” right through to the unexpected ending, Tim Waggoner weaves a zombie tale like none other. The Way of All Flesh tells the story of David Croft, a father, ex-husband, twin and, oh yes, he’s a zombie.

Book Review – Hell’s Door by Sandy DeLuca

Review by Frank Errington: A serial killer is stalking Providence, killing mostly prostitutes. Detectives Lacey Powers and John Demmings have a pretty good idea who’s responsible, but lack evidence to make an arrest. They go undercover to keep a close eye on the proprietor of Hell’s Door, Ramsey Wolfe, a notorious pimp who rules her [...]

Book Review – Corrosion by Jon Bassoff

Review by Frank Errington: I’ve long been a believer in strong opening lines and Jon Bassoff delivers in this, his first published novel. “I was less than 20 miles from the Mountain when the engine gave out, smoke billowed from the hood, and Red Sovine stopped singing.” Corrosion is full of good writing and features [...]

Book Review – McFall by Scott Nicholson

When wealthy developer Larkin McFall moves to the small Appalachian Mountain community of Barkersville, generations-old tales of supernatural phenomena, sudden deaths, and odd disappearances resurface. Larkin laughs off the stories as superstition, while promising to bring a bright new future to the dying town. Sheriff Frank Littlefield senses a diabolical motive in McFall’s good intentions. [...]

Book Review – The Dead Lands by Rick Hautala

Review by Frank Errington: In March of 2012, Rick Hautala and Joe R. Lansdale were honored with Lifetime Achievement awards at the Bram Stoker banquet in Salt Lake City, an event I watched on Upstream. It was cool seeing Rick pick up his award, truly excited to be so honored and looking forward to continue [...]

Book Review – Samurai and Other Stories by Wlliam Meikle

Review by Frank Errington: All sixteen of the tales in Samurai snd Other Stories have appeared elsewhere over the last several years, but are offered as a collected work for the first time and represent a fine sampling of short stories from Scottish born writer William Meikle. If you’re not yet familiar with Meikel’s work [...]

Book Review – The Coldest Girl in Coldtown by Holly Black

Review by Lauren Scharhag: Holly Black is best known for the children’s series, The Spiderwick Chronicles. Her latest, The Coldest Girl in Coldtown, released last fall, is classified as a YA novel, but it’s one of the smartest, most sophisticated YA novel I’ve ever read—not to mention one of the sexiest. Black, in her acknowledgments, [...]

Book Review – Laughing Boy’s Shadow by Steven Savile

Review by Frank Errington: In the introduction to Laughing Boy’s Shadow, writer Gary A. Braunbeck says, “The best horror fiction concerns itself with exploring the connections between violence, grief, loneliness, and suffering, and how we as a species reconcile these things with a concept of a Just universe watched over by a supposedly loving Supreme [...]

Book Review – Like Death by Tim Waggoner

Review by Frank Errington: Apparently, Like Death, is not a new book. It’s just new to me and I couldn’t be happier that the folks at Apex Publications are putting it back out there in both paperback and ebook formats. The opening paragraph sets the tone and is just a sample of things to come. [...]

Book Review – Solom: The Scarecrow by Scott Nicholson

When Katy Logan moves her troubled teen daughter Jett to the Appalachian community of Solom, she envisions a peaceful rural lifestyle on her new husband’s farm. But there’s more to Solom than she ever imagined. Gordon Smith’s first wife Rebecca died under mysterious circumstances, and Katy believes her spirit is still in the house. Gordon’s [...]