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Movie Review – Priest

Set in a post apocalyptic world ravaged by the war between humans and vampires, Priest follows one warrior as he sets out to rescue his niece from vampiric forces who kidnapped her. (Really, does that even make sense as a plot? Why would vampiric forces kidnap someone? Well you have to hop in your car [...]

News – Texas Chainsaw Massacre Remake in 3D Plot Details

Actually it can’t be called Texas Chainsaw Massacre, because Lions Gate who is releasing it, does not have rights to the name, so it will be called Leatherface 3-D. I know some of us will not be too excited about the 3-D part, but what’s a fan to do?  The film will be shot in [...]

News – Director Found for Leatherface 3D

After 37 years, we are soon to find out what happened to Leatherface at the end of the classic Texas Chainsaw Massacre. If you remember, the last we saw of Leatherface, he was standing in the road violently wielding his chainsaw, rather pissed off that Sally got away. Leatherface 3-D is a sequel in the [...]

News – Zombie Pet Shop

Most of us are still kids at heart so when I read about Zombie Pet Shop I knew I had to check it out and let all you horror loving ghouls know what it is! I think your kids will love it too!

News – Rutger Hauer to play Van Helsing in Argento’s Dracula 3D

Once in a while an actor is cast in a part and I think, “Wow he is just perfect for that part!”  That is  exactly what I thought when I read that Rutger Hauer had been cast as Van Helsing in Argento’s new effort Dracula 3-D, which will begin shooting this May in Budapest.

News – Argento to Begin Filming Dracula 3-D in February

Dario Argento is to begin filming his Dracula 3-D sometime in February 2011 in Hungary.