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Movie Review – Satanic

Got a new review in the review section for the movie Satanic. Going to post the trailer here, but follow the link to read the review itself. Review

Book Review – The Crooked Closet by A. Henry Keene

Review by Angela C.: Stories of dark longing, alienation, abuse, and revenge. The Crooked Closet is a book of short stories. For most of the book I wondered ” What in the heck did I just read?!?” Most of the stories felt like being in the mind of someone who is quickly going crazy. There [...]

Book Review – The Man with the Blue Hat by Wendy Potocki

Review by Angela C. Beth’s life is perfect, but then she’s constructed it to be that way. She never steps outside the boundaries and never colors outside the lines, but something happens to crumble it all away. Something in the middle of the night–something no one can remember. Something that brings on a spate of [...]

Movie Review – V/H/S

I have to start this review with a disclaimer. Two of them actually. Why two? Because the two are diametrically opposed. First, I was really REALLY looking forward to seeing V/H/S. I didn’t know anything about it, but I had heard a lot of good things about it and knew a lot of people who [...]

Movie Review – Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

We all know what the history books say about Abe Lincoln, but there is a hidden history. That is finally being revealed in this movie. And yes, it does involve vampires. Although the vampires have a unique mythology and set of abilities and foils.

Audio Review – Dark Shadows 1-3: The Christmas Presence

As Christmas draws near, Quentin issues an arcane invitation into the unknown. Meanwhile, as children are reported missing across Collinsport, the festive season brings Collinwood new terrors, when a persuasive spirit seeks to divide and conquer…

Movie Review – Evil Dead

One wild night with the Necronomicon and a recording of an archeologist’s instructions on how to use it, turns into a night of blood-gushing horror for Ash and his friends. This 1981 nightmare was envisioned by Sam Raimi; which was his first feature film that he had written, produced, and directed.

Movie Review – Cam Girl

Sometimes a movie crosses my desk that I am unsure what to do with. I started to watch this when I first received it but had to stop. There is a certain amount of nudity involved in this movie that I wasn’t comfortable with watching while I might have a kid come in (yeah, I [...]

Game Review – Shadows of the Damned (Xbox 360)

 Touted as a dream team production from the minds behind the recent Resident Evil’s and No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned is a title that brings an eclectic mix of ideas and inventiveness to the table. Although the taste from its melting pot of execution will vary by the player.

Comic Review – Scarlet Veronica

Scarlet Veronica is a tale of a high school girl who is starting at a new school. As always, school kids are overly harsh on the new kid. Seems they are overly harsh on an “old” kid as well, as we see two bullies taking out their frustrations on Brian. She inadvertently rescues him and [...]