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TV Review – Being Human Season 1

Wow, this show… wow. Contemporary supernatural drama about George and Mitchell, a pair of perennial outsiders. Working in the anonymous drudgery of the local hospital, they live lives of quiet desperation – because Mitchell is a vampire and George is a werewolf. Deciding to turn over a new leaf, they move into a house together, [...]

TV Review – Being Human – 1×06

If Mitchell recovers from being staked through the chest, he knows he’ll have to confront Herrick once and for all.

TV Review – Being Human – 1×05

Mitchell has turned his back on humanity and is back with the vampires – have George and Annie lost their friend forever? Elsewhere, Annie has her mind set on revenge.

TV Review – Being Human – 1×04

Mitchell makes friends with a boy on the street called Bernie, but after a terrible misunderstanding things turn very nasty and before long there is a full-blown witch-hunt in the neighbourhood.

TV Review – Being Human – 1×03

Annie investigates the reason she is trapped in limbo with the help of Gilbert, a miserable ghost from the 1980s. Lauren won’t leave Mitchell alone and George has an admirer at the hospital.

TV Review – Being Human – 1×02

Mitchell, George and Annie have the house guest from hell – literally. When George meets another werewolf called Tully it seems that he wants to stay on the sofa forever.

TV Review – Being Human – 1×01

The housemates discover that being human is more difficult than they imagined, as Mitchell struggles to resist his blood lust, Annie is confronted by a ghost from her past and George has nowhere to transform in safety.. I….. I don’t know how to review this to be honest. On the one hand, they (don’t ask [...]

TV Review – Being Human – 1×00

This is my reaction to the original pilot, which aired early in 2008.  Despite the changes to the show, I felt it needed to be posted for posterity. I love this show.  There’s not much more that can be said.  It’s quirky, it’s funny, it’s dark and the dynamic between the characters is just fantastic. [...]