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Game Review – Rise Of Nightmares

How would you react if you found yourself aboard a derailing train? How about creeping through graveyards and catacombs with the undead lurking around every corner? XBOX Kinect and Rise Of Nightmares ask that question, and give you a shot at testing your mettle against the hordes of the undead.

Game Review – Shadows of the Damned (Xbox 360)

 Touted as a dream team production from the minds behind the recent Resident Evil’s and No More Heroes, Shadows of the Damned is a title that brings an eclectic mix of ideas and inventiveness to the table. Although the taste from its melting pot of execution will vary by the player.

Game Review – Plants vs. Zombies

I first saw this game as a free preview on a disc someone let me borrow. Popcap Games is a fun and entertaining game publisher. And Plants vs. Zombies fits into their stable quite well.