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Special Event Review – Insidious Event in London

    “Insidious is… Insidious is… Insidious is…”. So intones the trailer for this low-budget but high-profile horror movie in which it’s not the house that’s haunted, but a little boy. Of course, the trailer description is not very helpful. Assumedly the film’s publicists are trying to tell us that “Insidious” really is, well, insidious? [...]

News – Vincentennial

This year celebrates the 100th birthday of the incredible Vincent Price. An actor from my home town St. Louis. In honor of this historic event, there is a massive birthday party/ celebration of his life and career happening right here in St. Louis. An event conceived and helmed by Tom Stockman. This has taken on [...]

Special Event Review – Play Dead

More Than Magic, Greater Than Fear You’ve probably seen magic shows before; some of you may even know the particular thrills of dark magic or have seen one of the greats performing their illusions. But most days now, the huge Vegas auditoriums tend to swallow the subtleties whole and the few remaining sideshows are more [...]