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Music Review – The Conjuring Soundtrack

I have yet to see The Conjuring. I did however read Andrea Perron’s book, House of Darkness House of Light that the movie was based on, so I listened to The Conjuring soundtrack without seeing all the thrilling visuals in the movie but knowing the basic story. I perhaps should have waited to see the [...]

Poisoned Dreams by The Unquiet Void

Poisoned Dreams is an album wholly inspired by the works of Lovecraft. Composer and musician Jason Wallach has channeled the works of H.P. Lovecraft and turned those musings into musical musings of his own. Check out the review at the LINK

Music Review – Byzantium Soundtrack by Javier Navarrete

  It is a scorching afternoon here in Texas, 103F to be exact, but what a nice escape I had listening to Spanish composer Javier Navarrete’s elegant and uplifting score to Neil Jordan’s latest film, Byzantium. The haunting melodies transcend you into a darker and much cooler place where vampires dwell and secrets abound.

Audio Review – Dark Shadows Soundtrack by Danny Elfman

  Any soundtrack/score composed by Danny Elfman has an instant level of awesomeness to it. And Dark Shadows is no different in that respect. And yet it is.

Music Review – 2001 Maniacs Field of Screams

This was a fun CD. Filled to bursting with 50 tracks and pushing 80 minutes of audio ecstasy. There are a few very interesting items of note on here. A track written by Herschell Gordon Lewis. A track sung by Bill Moseley. And purely based on names my two favorites. . . Jimmy Psycho and [...]

Music Review – Horror-Web’s Ultimate Vampire Soundtrack

Not sure how much review needs to be written about this. The Ultimate Vampire Soundtrack was put together by Horror-Web, so all of these tracks are great. We start with the theme song to Dark Shadows. That was an incredible series. Groundbreaking really. And I for one get chills everytime I hear the theme song [...]

Music Review – Voltaire: To the Bottom of the Sea

The newest release by one of my favorite artists, Voltaire, was actually not what I expected.  The music itself is great, the songs as unique and creative as ever.  Several songs definitely held a dark theme, though the music is still lively and fun. But why on Earth did he title the album “To the [...]

Music Review – Buffy The Vampire Slayer: The Score

Christophe Beck is the man behind the sound of the show. And this new cd is designed to highlight the workmanship he put forth from week to week in the series. The tracks included on this disc are from the second, third and fourth seasons.

Music Review – The X-Files: I Want to Believe Soundtrack

Scores are hard to review. This disc calls itself a soundtrack, but it is really a score. Mark Snow does a wonderful job as always. His music is interesting and well done. However, something was missing in this. The original theme. How can you have an X-Files cd without the original theme playing on it [...]

Music Review – Dark and Stormy Night

I listen to a lot of Celtic and filk (by Mercedes Lackey) music.  The song, Dark and Stormy Night is filk and sung from the point of view of a bard.  The singer has a voice that would best be classified as tenor, his name is Paul Espinoza and he sings with a group called [...]