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Audio Review – Shield of the Jotunn (from Big Finish)

Shield of the Jotunn is the latest Big Finish audio featuring Colin Baker reprising his role as the Sixth Doctor. Featuring Vikings and Americans and Monsters!

Music Review – The Conjuring Soundtrack

I have yet to see The Conjuring. I did however read Andrea Perron’s book, House of Darkness House of Light that the movie was based on, so I listened to The Conjuring soundtrack without seeing all the thrilling visuals in the movie but knowing the basic story. I perhaps should have waited to see the [...]

Poisoned Dreams by The Unquiet Void

Poisoned Dreams is an album wholly inspired by the works of Lovecraft. Composer and musician Jason Wallach has channeled the works of H.P. Lovecraft and turned those musings into musical musings of his own. Check out the review at the LINK

Music Review – Byzantium Soundtrack by Javier Navarrete

  It is a scorching afternoon here in Texas, 103F to be exact, but what a nice escape I had listening to Spanish composer Javier Navarrete’s elegant and uplifting score to Neil Jordan’s latest film, Byzantium. The haunting melodies transcend you into a darker and much cooler place where vampires dwell and secrets abound.

Audio Review – Doug Bradley’s Spinechillers volume 1

Doug Bradley is best known for his role in Clive Barker’s Hellraiser as Pinhead. A role he embraced and turned into one of the best franchise monsters of the 20th century. But Doug Bradley is much more than just Pinhead. Upon meeting him at Horror Hound weekend, I discovered his Spinechillers series. A collection of [...]

Audio Review – Dark Shadows 1-4: The Rage Beneath

As a storm rages across Collinsport, ancient forces are stirring throughout the town. The waters of the ocean hold dark secrets for the Collins family – secrets that must be revealed once and for all. As a malevolent power takes hold, Quentin finds himself facing a final confrontation…

Audio Review – Dark Shadows 1-3: The Christmas Presence

As Christmas draws near, Quentin issues an arcane invitation into the unknown. Meanwhile, as children are reported missing across Collinsport, the festive season brings Collinwood new terrors, when a persuasive spirit seeks to divide and conquer…

Audio Review – Dark Shadows 1-2: The Book of Temptation

As the repercussions of Quentin’s return are felt, Maggie Evans finds herself the target for a terrifying supernatural attack. What lies in wait in Collinwood’s abandoned wing? And can Quentin and Angelique contain the evil of the house once and for all?

Audio Review – Dark Shadows 1-1: The House of Despair

After years of wandering the world, Quentin Collins is coming home. But the Collinwood that awaits him is no longer the sanctuary he remembers. As the town of Collinsport hides in fear from otherworldly powers, Quentin vows to unite old friends and reclaim his birthright… Dark Shadows brought the world of vampires and witches and [...]

Audio Review – Dark Shadows Soundtrack by Danny Elfman

  Any soundtrack/score composed by Danny Elfman has an instant level of awesomeness to it. And Dark Shadows is no different in that respect. And yet it is.