News – Women in Horror Month 2016

There are some things that spring instantly to mind when we think of horror. Friday the 13th (both the movies and the date.) Halloween (again, both the movies and the date.) Stephen King (although for me Clive Barker comes first.) Zombies. Vampires. This list could easily go on for many paragraphs, because once you start thinking about all the things in horror, your mind branches off tangentially in other directions. Too often though, when we think of horror we don’t think of women. In movies they have often been the eye candy or damsel in distress. Women in Horror Month challenges us to open our eyes and see that 50% of the population has more to contribute than that.

A friend of mine, Tiffany Shepis-Tretta, had a role in a short “commercial” recently. There is a group of filmmakers (Twisted Twins Productions) that have submitted blood drive PSA commercials every year for the last 6 years. And had their efforts rejected every time. So this year they decided to intentionally create ones that would be rejected by embracing their chosen genre of horror in ways that would never be accepted by the mainstream. The result is a fun and interesting compilation video. Not exactly safe for work, but I leave that for you to decide. (P.S. Tiffany is in the segment right around the 13 minute mark.)


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