Book Review – Bloodroom by Naima Haviland

I have been meaning to read Naima Haviland’s Bloodroom for a while, but I usually put vampire novels on the back burner as they are normally not my favorite read. I recently had some free time finally, so I picked it up and I have to say I am glad I saved it for I was able to relish every second of it.

Check out my review here!

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2 Responses to “Book Review – Bloodroom by Naima Haviland”

  1. Lone Eagle says:

    Very good review! I’ll bet Absinthe is a redhead.

  2. [...] takes you way down south…..all they way to hell. Percieved as a prologue to Bloodroom (my review here) we find Julian Mouret presiding as young master over Lion’s Court, a prosperous rice plantation [...]

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