News – New England Terror: Villanelle, Moonflower and Erebus

David Langill is an award-winning producer, actor, director, stuntman, prop master and much more who is bringing terror to New England in his new projects. His horror career began in 2005 when he appeared with horror icon Robert Englund in a television series based on A Nightmare on Elm Street. On Saturday, August 18, 2012, the horror noir film VILLANELLE will premiere at 7:00 PM and 9:00 PM at CINEMA WORLD in Lincoln, RI (at the Lincoln Mall). Mark Wahlberg’s big brother, Arthur Wahlberg is a featured actor in the new horror-crime drama directed by Ricky Laprade which takes place in a small New England town and revolves around a police chief’s investigation of a brutal attack on a mysterious young woman in a tourist town that is as good as dead in the off season.

David Langill, who worked on the award-winning film BEG with horror icon Tony Moran, is Producer, Project Manager, Assistant Director, and more for Villanelle  

–Just as he is able to take on multiple tasks for one film, Langill is also able to work on multiple films at one time, as well as managing top terror talents. At least FIVE of his projects will be coming to the big screen by 2013.

Michael Berryman, the iconic horror star of such classics as The Hills Have Eyes, The Devil’s Rejects, and the upcoming Lords of Salem, stars in Erebus, another film from Ricky Laprade in which Langill served as producer, assistant writer, project manager, and casting director. In July 2012 principal photography was wrapped and the film entered the post-production phase. EREBUS is a horror anthology that centers on the notorious Gorham House in Rhode Island. The House has a long-standing reputation for occult mayhem and horrific violence, and two reporters investigate it for supernatural activity. They learn of horrifying and violent paranormal events that make up the history of Gorham House, and encounter Jonah Crane played by Michael Berryman. 


On the set of Erebus, Langill met actor/director Cate Carson, and the two re-teamed for Carson’s short film Moonflower, which Carson co-directed with Justin Plasse. Carson stars as a grieving woman who has just lost her husband and children to a fatal car accident. Unable to cope with her grief, she finally finds a life worth living for when she meets a young teen-age would-be burglar. This tragic drama focuses on the changing relationship between the characters and how they both learn to help each other and get past their own problems .


–In between working multiple roles on these three films, former Massachusetts police officer turned horror film-maker David Langill has more on the way, including the bizarre horror short STOGIE directed by Jordan Pacheco, which takes place in HOBO TOWN, host to America’s favorite circus. 

Langill and Pacheco also have plans for another Massachusetts horror film, PROVOKED, which will be partially filmed at the infamous Lizzie Borden Inn in Fall River, a favorite spot for true crime buffs eager to visit the site of the notorious child axe-murderer Lizzie Borden, known for hacking her parents into pieces. This chilling location is the perfect atmosphere to set an eerie horror film, which so far has announced the addition of Tony Moran  to the cast! In between making films, Langill finds the time to manage TONY MORAN, who played Michael Myers in the original slasher classic HALLOWEEN. On October 5,6, and 7, 2012, Tony Moran will be making a personal appearance exclusively at The Nightmare Factory in Salem, MA.


Thanks to David Langill, New England will remain a place of terror and mystery. Langill has acted in and worked on close to a dozen films, and first made his name doing stunts and other work for the film BEG, which won an award as Best Feature at the Rhode Island International Horror Film Festival. In several key scenes, Langill donned the ‘Pumpkin Mask” to commit murder and cause mayhem as the masked killer, including the infamous chainsaw murder scene and the red riding hood stalk and kill scene. He also plays a police officer in the film and worked very hard to make the film a reality- a terrifying, blood-soaked reality.


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