Book Review – The Haunted by Michaelbrent Collings

A young couple, Cap and Sarah, purchases a secluded house that is shunned by the locals because of its sordid history. Their hopes are high, with a baby on the way, as they move in, but strange things start to happen on the day they arrive. Electronic devices turn on and off by themselves. Sarah starts to see strange things that cannot be easily explained, including a man with a slit throat. Soon enough, they are assaulted by an army of supernatural enemies seeking their destruction.

The Haunted is the latest novel by Michaelbrent Collings, author of The Loon, Rising Fears, Perdition, and the Amazon #1 Bestseller The Run. Collings is a wonderful talent when it comes to telling tales of terror because his novels involve people that you are able to care about. Cap and Sarah are lifelike in their attitudes, mannerisms, and their reactions to the occurrences that involve them. As in this story, a great deal of Collings’s stories deal with family love and the horror of losing that love by the loss of family. In this case, our couple is in danger of losing each other and their unborn child. Collings uses trappings of all kinds to frighten his readers and characters, and he readily acknowledges inspiration from the likes of Shirley Jackson (The Haunting of Hill House; the greatest haunted house story ever told if you haven’t heard). The novel begins at a gradual pace with events that unsettle the protagonists, but does not terrify them outright. Very soon, Collings picks up the pace with more frequent and intense disturbances until the danger posed against Cap and Sarah is all-encompassing. The climax could even be seen as apocalyptic. The ending of the novel is somewhat familiar to horror enthusiasts, but it is delivered skillfully and in a manner that will engage you nonetheless.


This is a very enjoyable book with several effective scenes of gripping terror. The language is intelligent, but the story is told in a clear unobtrusive style. Keep in mind that this book can only be purchased at Other excellent books by Collings include The Loon and Rising Fears. They are well worth it. 4 ½ stars.

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