Book Review – Hater by David Moody

In Hater, David Moody takes the everyday fear we share as a society and turns the heat up, substantiating that fear with a violent and bleak look behind the curtain of sanity.

People begin to attack one another, seemingly at random. They strike with no warning, suddenly lashing out and slaughtering anyone they perceive as a threat.

Hater centers around Danny McCoyne, a self proclaimed lazy, shiftless office drone who hates his job. He works only to support his family, moving from one dead end job to another. Then things start to lurch out of control. The “Haters”, as the media dubs the violent sociopathic individuals who begin attacking the seemingly innocent, are doubling in numbers. It is an epidemic reported the world over with no apparent reason or cause.

As the population cowers from itself people begin to miss work, locking themselves in their homes and praying for a cure that never comes.

After days locked in his apartment with his family, too afraid to leave as food runs low and tempers run high, Danny finally has to leave to find food. He sees a city ravaged by fear and anger, destroyed by the people who were normal members of society just a week ago.

David and his family cower in fear, terrified that one of them will become a Hater. Tempers flare, yet everyone struggles to remain civil.  Will the nightmare be realized or have they had it wrong the whole time? Maybe  The Haters aren’t the one’s to be feared, maybe its everyone else.

As the story progresses through it’s wild journey the reader is dragged through the fear and anxiety, helplessly turning the pages from beginning to end.

David Moody self published Hater in 2006 online. In the wake of the ebook’s success he sold the film rights to Guillermo Del Toro and Mark Johnson.

This book gets 4 stars

Go here to buy a copy if you want to see for yourself


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