Movie Review – One of Them

When five friends discover the old Marquez Academy, they have entered a mysterious world of terror, a world where where the line between reality and the supernatural is blurred.

In this remote setting, there exists a macabre world of ancient and terrifying rituals, carried out to perpetuate evil and spread it through the living. A man searching for a missing relative become their only lifeline. He stubbornly tries to uncover the mystery of the ‘chosen ones’.

Together they must survive and escape before they too become… ONE OF THEM.

Truth be told, the outlook on this one was pretty bleak. The description alone made me question my sanity in deciding to watch this. Luckily, I was pleasantly surprised.

One of Them was not, as luck would have it, the slasher I was expecting it to be. The plot was original (at least original enough for me. As far as memory serves, I haven’t seen anything like it) and competent. It starts off a little confusing and there were parts that made me go, “Wait, what?” but most of that sorted itself out by the end or wasn’t enough of an issue that it got to me. I liked the idea of this cult school-thing. I would have liked for there to have been more focus on the inner workings of Them, but that’s just me. Oh, and the movie gets bonus points for the people I liked living at the end.

Nothing sticks out in my mind as far as special effects goes. Perhaps that’s a good thing, eh? They weren’t bad, and for the most part not over done. There were a few points where the blood was… I don’t know. There was something wrong with it. It was a tad too red and it was moving weird.

I’m not really sure how I feel about the music. It wasn’t bad. I’ll put that out there right now. I liked it…kinda. After a while it got repetitive, though. But, it was nice music so I’m not going to go on a rampage about it.

“Flunky, you skipped acting,” you say? Au contraire, mes amies. I saved acting for last. It goes hand in hand with dialogue as the two things that hurt this movie the most. You know those actors on TV shows that really aren’t that great but you know they’re only going to be around for one episode so it doesn’t bother you? One of Them was cast with only those people. Couple that with cheesey lines like:

“What are you doing? That’s like $3.50.” (OH THE HORROR!)
“What the hell? you gave my fourteen year old brother a beer. Real cool.”
“A beer a day is good for you. I saw it on the news.” and
(talking about big bad cult type thing with people who have specific destinies and what not)
“The girl’s name will begin with and A and she is the beginning of all things. The boy’s name shall start with Z as he’s the end.”

And well… I’m not really sure what to say. The actor’s delivery along with the bad writing hurts… a lot. But, as a bonus you get lots and lots of cheese. The only exceptions to this were the two heads of the Marquez Academy. I liked them so much I wrote down their names. The lucky winners are: Bridget Moore and Osman Soykut (Osman, if I spelled your last name wrong, I’m sorry… I can’t read my own writing).

So, other than bad writing and acting One of Them really wasn’t all that bad. Dare I say I actually had fun watching it? Okay, I’ll admit it. I did. I had a grand time with the plot line and mounds of cheese. For whatever reason, I’m not wishing I hadn’t seen this. I might just be in a good mood but, I’ll recommend it if you’re in a mood for horror and a chuckle.

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