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best snapback hats citizens were set at 70 percent and 60 percent.But those rules were suspended after just a month due to strong protests from commercial banks, which complained that their business would be hurt. The revised rules have been issued after consultations with the banks.But it is not clear how much impact the mortgage caps will have on a market where many purchases, especially speculative ones arranged for quick profit, are conducted with cash."The (new mortgage) rules are a good thing for the industry and I don't think they will have a negative effect on prices," the head of retail banking at one bank in the UAE told Reuters. "It's a good, balanced document which takes everyone's needs into consideration."In a commentary, investment bank EFG Hermes said the new limits were roughly in line with the size of mortgages that banks were already providing, so it did not expect any immediate impact but "a formalising of the regulatory landscape".(Additional reporting by David French; Writing by Andrew Torchia; Editing by Susan Fenton)The story of the world's first concept car: Flickr photo of the day Sat, Mar 8, 2014Today, auto shows are filled with fancy concept cars; at this week's Geneva motor show, we found enough to pack an entire slideshow and still had plenty leftover that didn't make the cut. fresh snapback hats

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