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Movie Review – Let Us Prey

I wrote up a review of Let Up Prey over in the review section. Follow the link to check it out. Review

Book Review – Vigilantes Of Love by John Everson

Review by Angela C.: The 10th anniversary edition of Vigilantes of Love, John Everson’s second book-length collection of tales of short fantasy and the macabre, includes a new preface by the author and six additional stories not present in the original release!

Book Review – Till Death Do Us Part edited by Scott Lefebvre

Review by Frank Errington: I love it when I get a chance to read authors I’m not familiar with and come away with a sense of having discovered something valuable. Like it used to feel, back in the 80s, when my youngest son and I would buy a box of baseball cards and discover a [...]

Book Review – White by Tim Lebbon

Review by Frank Errington: British Horror and Dark Fantasy author, Tim Lebbon, has started a new ebook venture he’s calling Dreaming In Fire Press, mostly as a way to get stuff that’s been sitting around out to readers. His first release is White, initially published nearly fifteen years ago and a winner of the British [...]

Book Review – Zombie Armageddon Box Set: 1 & 2 by Ian Woodhead

Review by Angela C.: BOOK ONE: THE UNWASHED DEAD The few law-abiding citizens left alive in Breakspear Gardens have locked their doors and shut the curtains on this Friday night. They dare not venture out after the sun goes down. The druggies, drunks, and feral kids rule the streets in the roughest housing project in [...]

Book Review – Dead West – Book One: Those Poor, Poor Bastards by Tim Marquitz, J. M. Martin and Kenny Soward

Review by Frank Errington: Nina Weaver and her Pa have come to Coburn Station to trade for supplies. They barely leave town with their lives. Dead West – Book One: Those Poor, Poor Bastards opens with a bit of a ruckus that quickly erupts into full-blown chaos. I’ve read a lot of Zombie tales over [...]

Book Review – Maze by J.M McDermott

Review by Frank Errington: Having just finished J. M. Mcdermott’s epic novel Maze the only thought that comes to mind is the line from the Grateful Dead’s classic Truckin’ “What a long strange trip it’s been.” Some questions come mind that beg to be answered. “Did I enjoy it?” “Yes.” “Did I understand it?” “No. [...]

Book Review – Hammurabi Road by Steve Vernon

Review by Angela C.: Hammurabi Road is a dark tale of retribution, backwoods justice, and getting closer to a black bear than was ever dreamed possible. We start off with the eternal triangle – three men ride out in a pick-up truck; two in front and one duct-taped in the back. It’s a clear cut [...]

Book Review – Bull Running for Girls by Allyson Bird

Review by Frank Errington: Allyson Bird is an author worth watching and worth reading. In addition to winning the Best Collection award from the British Fantasy Society for Bull Running for Girls in 2009, her first novel, Isis Unbound, earned the Bram Stoker award for Best First Novel in 2011. Quite an auspicious start. This [...]

Book Review – Entombed by Brian Keene

Review by Angela C.: THERE ARE THINGS MUCH WORSE THAN ZOMBIES In the long-awaited follow up to DEAD SEA, it has been several months since the disease known as Hamelin’s Revenge decimated the world. Civilization has collapsed and the dead far outnumber the living. The survivors seek refuge from the roaming zombie hordes, but one-by-one, [...]