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Book Review – Plebs by Jim Goforth

Review by Angela C.: From the description: Corey Somerset, Tim Hayworth and Lee Hunter have had one hell of a good night. And it isn’t over yet. Celebrating their friend’s birthday with drunken debauchery and intoxicated antics they’ve just stumbled through a mini-wave of mindless vandalism and though they’ve wandered far out of the realms [...]

Book Review – Dark Lightning: Fifty Flashes of Fearsome Fiction by Kevin G. Bufton

Review by Frank Errington: There is a very real challenge to writing flash fiction. How does one manage to create a beginning, middle and an end to a story in such an economy of words? Sometimes in fewer than 100 words? Think it’s easy? Try it sometime. Author, Kevin G. Bufton, manages to pull off [...]

Book Review – Lost In The Dark by Joe Mynhardt

Review by Angela C.: The Great Wall of Rubin: Rubin’s story is one of tragedy and addiction. As a recovering alcoholic on the verge of falling back into old habits, he decides to join an Alcoholics Anonymous group. Certain feelings and memories are brought to light, which forces Rubin to face his demons, which are [...]

Book Review – The Loving Husband & the Faithful Wife by Kit Power

Review by Frank Errington: Two stories combine to make up this novella size release from Black Beacon Books. The first is a tale of the lengths a man will go to in order to restore balance to the relationship between The Loving Husband and the Faithful Wife. When the couple decides to add a sun [...]

Book Review – Strings by Allison M. Dickson

Review by Angela C.: Allison M. Dickson presents a chilling tale of entrapment and greed. Do you have freedom? Do you have control? After four years of turning tricks in a mob-run New York brothel to pay off a debt, Nina is ready to go back to a quiet life in Iowa. Just one more [...]

Book Review – Long Black Coffin by Tim Curran

The Long Black Coffin is a ’67 GTO. A street-eater and a life-taker.. . . Do you like your horror with four wheels and an engine? Check out Angela’s review at this LINK

Review – Dexter episode 8×01

Dexter is back. Need I say more? Follow the LINK for more about the premiere (with spoilers)

Comic Review – Lot 13 by Steve Niles and Glenn Fabry

Lot 13 from DC comics is the latest from writer Steve Niles and artist Glenn Fabry. This 5 issue series follows a family of 5 as they move from their small apartment into a new house. With a small detour along the way. Detours are rarely positive in any sort of horror oriented story. To [...]

Subtitled Saturday Movie Review – Last Supper

A man brings a woman into his home and slowly begins caressing and massaging her. Bringing a pleasure to her that we can feel by the look on her face. The sexual arousal between the two of them is palpable. Seductively he tells her that he wants to eat her and she agrees. Moments later [...]

Movie Review – Wrong Turn 5

I will be the first to admit that I was not caught up on this franchise. To be honest, I didn’t even realize it had gone beyond 3. But the gracious people at Fox were kind enough to offer Horror-Web a contest giveaway of BluRays and severed thumbs, and a review copy for me (I [...]