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Comic Review – Marvel Zombies Destroy

In 2005 the Marvel Ultimate Universe unleashed an awesome story that turned into a franchise. Reed Richards found an alternate dimension with zombies and brought the Zombie Fantastic Four to a secure facility in the Baxter Building. But as these things go, it turned into a bad idea. Even a zombie Reed Richards is smart [...]

Movie Review – Dark Shadows

Aaaaaaaaarrrghhh!!!!1 That is the one word that ran through my mind over and over for the last two hours. I saw the early showing of the new Dark Shadows movie. And I have to say. . . Aaaaaarrrggghhhh!!!! I feel like Charlie Brown as Lucy snatches the football away moments before he can kick it. [...]

Comic Review – Humpty Dumpty

The tag line of his comic had me really intrigued. “He should never have been born.”

Movie Review – Ripper: Letter from Hell

Intriguing and yet possibly the worst Canadian horror yet, Ripper is a well structured serial killer flick. It starts with a lone victim running through the woods and ending up on a boat, where she watches as the last two of her friends die gruesomely. Completely broken she starts the engine of the boat, later [...]

Movie Review – Muckman

As a concept, this movie had some promise. A reality show host is caught faking an episode. He was supposed to have found the fabled Muckman (effectively a legendary creature not unlike Bigfoot. At least the way they faked it anyway.) He manages to convince a studio to give him a second chance, and thus [...]

Movie Review – The Hitcher

Ok, stop me if you heard this one before; a guy and his girlfriends are driving down a lonesome highway in the middle of the night to meet some friends. On the way there they end up picking up a shady looking character that causes our heroes an infinite amount of trouble. If this isn’t [...]