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News – MEGAFOOT is coming soon

MEGAFOOT is a top-secret killing monstrosity (half Machine, half Bigfoot, all Terror!), which has recently escaped from the highly covert laboratory where it was created. An elite squad of soldiers has been sent to track and destroy the sadistic sasquatch before it wreaks its horrific vengeance on the human race. Expect violence, suspense, creative kills and gore-soaked thrills in a movie that’s bigger than big… it’s MEGAFOOT!

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News – Phantasm V: Ravager

I heard a rumor about this yesterday, but was unable to find anything supporting it other than one site having a teaser poster. Today at noon though it seems to have exploded everywhere. The official Phantasm.com site has info about it, Don Coscarelli himself posted about it on his FaceBook page.

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News – Preacher TV series given a green light at AMC

I heard about this from comic writer Cullen Bunn. It didn’t take too much digging to find the original interview about it. The idea of a Preacher TV series has me both excited and afraid. I loved this comic series when it was coming out monthly. It was always one of the first issues I read when picked up new comics.

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News – Oculus soundtrack CD coming soon

What better way to celebrate tax day than to pick up a new horror score to add to your collection. Oculus looks like a wild and unpredictable movie, just the kind I love. I can’t wait to see it and to hear the soundtrack. Stay tuned here for a pending review of this album.
(March 24, 2014– Los Angeles, CA) – Varèse Sarabande Records will release the OCULUS Original Motion Picture Soundtrack available digitally on April 8thth, and on CD April 15, 2014.  The film, directed by Mike Flanagan, features an original score by The Newton Brothers (DETACHMENT, SETUP).
OCULUS will freak you out and take you on an emotional roller coaster.  Even our score–lullabies, distorted broken glass, a children’s choir,” said Newton Brother Taylor.

News – Clive Barker’s The Midnight Meat Train Special Definitive Edition

I am a HUGE fan of the writing, art and films of Clive Barker. The release of this new version of Midnight Meat Train has me very excited. New material. Interior artwork (9 paintings by Clive himself.) Script from the movie. What isn’t to like about this? Follow the jump to read more about it and connect with the publisher Dark Regions Press.

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Book Review – The Way of All Flesh by Tim Waggoner

Review by Frank Errington:

From his fitting dedication to “John Russo, Father of the Living Dead,” right through to the unexpected ending, Tim Waggoner weaves a zombie tale like none other. The Way of All Flesh tells the story of David Croft, a father, ex-husband, twin and, oh yes, he’s a zombie. Read more »

News – A Killer Horror Short ‘Lights Out’

I don’t know about you, but I love horror shorts, you get that adrenalin rush in five minutes or less. Lights Out is a film by David Sandberg and Lotta Losten. It scared me, so I thought I should share with Horror Web readers. It was part of the Bloody Cuts Horror Challenge and it won for Best Director. Check it out past the break and be prepared to be scared! Read more »

News – Anthony Crowley Hosts ‘Crowley’s Crypt’ in the Latest Issue of Haunted After Dark Magazine

Anthony Crowley is one of the most prolific and talented authors of dark prose and poetry. His latest endeavor is Crowley’s Crypt which is featured in the latest issue of Haunted After Dark Magazine, and guess what it is free! You can find out how to get your After Dark Magazine and find out more of what Anthony has been up to! Read more »

News – Trailer for Feature Film ‘Brutal’

We are finally finished with all of the body damage movies and it is time to get BRUTAL! Irma’s Place Productions is excited to announce the completion of the feature film BRUTAL, a mixed martial arts action-adventure, BRUTAL is helmed by writer/director Donald Lawrence Flaherty. The film features fight sequences created by two of Hollywood’s top stunt performers Colin Follenweider and Chris Torres. With elements of THE TWILIGHT ZONE and FIGHT CLUB, BRUTAL explores through science fiction, allegory and psychological drama, man’s violent nature and our propensity to commit unthinkable acts of violence against each other. Yet through this prism of brutality our capacity to love one another, even in the worst of circumstances is celebrated. You can check out the BRUTAL trailer past the break! Read more »

News – New Opening Sequence for ‘Megafoot’ the Cyborg Bigfoot on a Blood Soaked Rampage

Remember a while back we told you about MEGAFOOT, a movie about a cyborg Bigfoot on a blood-soaked rampage! Well, the team behind this beast has just released a storyboard preview of MEGAFOOT’s opening sequence which is NSFW! You can check it out past the break and we will give you links to help these guys bring MEGAFOOT Alive! Read more »